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The UMCA – Structured for Change

The United Movement for Constitutional Accountability (UMCA) constitutes Part 2 of the 3-Part Strategy for Change, with Part 1 being the UMPC and Part 3 being the SPVs.

It provides a web-architecture that will leverage rapid Replication of Change Agents (SPVs) throughout the country, towards a Collective Mission.

Collective Mission

All the SPVs constituted or aligned under the UMCA structure will strive towards the same Mission. This is where South Africa will Unite in holding Civil Servants Accountable under the Constitution.

Together we Stand, Divided we Fall…

The two Prime Directives of all SPVs will be to mobilize their constituencies in support of:

  1. A Community Intervention Program (CIP)
  2. Community Projects in Support of the CIP

Community Intervention Program (CIP)

So, what is the CIP?

It is the ‘peg in the ground’, the final act in the very survival of our communities, where we, as the law-abiding, tax-paying citizens, represented by the SPV and its members, have taken a stand against Corruption, Ineptitude and Gross Dereliction of Duties by Civil Servants at every level…

The CIP consists of the following 3 ‘Waves’; think of these as the waves of an Unstoppable Tsunami of Positive Change:


Wave One – Rehabilitate!

Rehabilitation of the apocalyptic nature of Strategic Municipal Assets, including, but not limited to, Electricity, Water & Sanitation, Roads Infrastructure and Waste Management.

The First Wave will wash away the most obvious ‘hot spots’ (crises management) in its path, but subsequent Ripples will ensure that we align the infrastructure with global best practice, including the adoption of new, disruptive technologies like sustainable, renewable energy, etc.

Wave Two - Repurpose!

Re-purposing of Resources (including People), Policy and Process to restore municipal Service Delivery to Global Best Practice.

The Second Wave will wipe the slate clean (of corruption, ineptitude and dereliction of duties), followed by many Ripples that will see the return of world-class service delivery.

Wave Three – Restitute!

Restitution of our Rights as Law-abiding, Tax-paying Citizens to Prosperity and Happiness.

The Third Wave will be a massive awareness campaign that will Wake Up and Call every one of the households in the municipal area to Action in support of the CIP.


However, a key strategy of the UMCA structure will be to rollout (replicate) a SPV into every Municipal Area in South Africa, to erradicate it’s current ‘label’ as a Corrupt Nation and to turn it into the thriving First World Country it can be!

The 3-Part Strategy for Change

In order to ensure success, the strategy has to be holistic, realistic and global; we cannot do it on our own… It must have the following three components;

1 - A Philosophy: UMPC

Unstoppable Movement for Positive Change

A theory or attitude that acts as a guiding principle for behavior, that will unite people in the peaceful pursuit of a common vision…

We need a vision for a better world – one filled with hope rather than alarmism – so that different entities can each do their own thing but align with the philosophy.

  • Unstoppable – A tsunami so powerful that Government must listen.
  • Movement – Alignment with a movement. A movement is bigger than an individual because it represents an idea for a better future. Being part of a movement protects front-line activists from being targeted by vested interests that resist change. A movement has no single leader, just many entities each aligned but focusing on the core issue that is important to them.
  • Positive – People respond well to an inspirational vision, so the foundation is about healthy lifestyles that cut across all traditionally divisive messaging found in politics.
  • Change – Reject the status quo as being a road to disaster and demand change for the better. But change within the framework of the law. The law must be applied without fear or favor, rejecting vigilantism that seeks to enforce the law. Simply put: Government must govern properly so that the citizenry doesn’t demand regime change, just a change in attitude.

Dr Anthony Turton

2 - A Structure: UMCA

United Movement for Constitutional Accountability

A philosophy without structure is like driving a vehicle at night without lights…

  • United – Formation of an effective, constructive and productive partnership between the public- and private sectors, seeking to build, renovate and rehabilitate, rather than to remain vexed in the current quagmire of corruption, mismanagement and finger-pointing.
  • Movement – Alignment with a movement. A movement is bigger than an individual because it represents an idea for a better future. Being part of a movement protects front-line activists from being targeted by vested interests that resist change. A movement has no single leader, just many entities each aligned but focusing on the core issue that is important to them.
  • Constitutional – In no uncertain terms, this coalition is vested firmly in the Constitution of South Africa.
  • Accountability – With a clear mission to replace a culture of corruption, mismanagement and maladministration with transparency and accountability at all levels within both private- and public sectors.
    • It forms the basis for the coalition of entities that are facing similar challenges.
    • It creates an effective framework to unite the multitudes of community- and private-centric initiatives, to reverse the downward spiral into chaos, destruction and civil unrest.

3 - Agents of Change: SPVs

Special Purpose Vehicles

Leaders are like eagles… they don’t flock. You’ll find them one at a time. Knute Rockne

At ground-level, create the operational capacity that will give effect to the change envisioned for achieving the missio.

Create a non-profit organisation to serve as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) between the public- and private sectors, with the sole purpose to repair, rehabilitate and restore the community to its former glory, and to give effect to the dreams and goals we all aspire towards.

The first SPV is Emfuleni for Change (EfC), wrapped around an ICT web-architecture that will pro-actively support the rapid deployment of similar entities throughout South Africa, and the world.


Visualizing the Enterprise

Visualization of this 3-Part Strategy is essential to understand how the individual components will uniquely and collectively play its role in the ‘big picture’:

How the Parts Fit Together

A picture is worth a thousand words. Frederic R. Barnard

Although the UMPC has its roots firmly planted in the plight of communities caught in the grip of distressed and dysfunctional local municipal structures, it leverages networks of national and international accord. It gives hope to communities in despair while also lobbying for international support and intervention.

The UMCA has one focus – To unite business and communities in the Quest for Positive Change, since the alternative is unthinkable. It is completely unambiguous as to its purpose and intent, and serves as the architectural framework not only to unite South Africans towards a better future for all, but to also reach into the international community for legal, financial and law enforcement support. As the economic hub of sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa is the last hope of lifting the developing world to its full potential.

EfC, as the very first Change Agent, a Special Purpose Vehicle created for the sole purpose of achieving the vision, with a holistic approach to positive and peaceful change. It also serves as a model to be replicated rapidly throughout South Africa, in order to create the Tsunami that is necessary to change the attitude of Government.

The Web Architecture

Strategic Context

The strategic context will have as its core objectives to:

  • Align the principles, vision and mission of all movements, organizations, entities, forums, groups, etc. that are in synergy with the UMCA;
  • Embrace the Digital Economy in every aspect that support and promote the common Vision;
  • Provide a technological Framework that will encompass the diversity and complexity of internal/micro and external/macro Philosophies that will draw on global Best Practice and Best of Breed,
  • Establish an Information Technology Architectural Design approach that will embrace and Assimilate;
    1. The World Wide Web and the Internet
    2. Vertical and Horizontal Marketing  Methodology
    3. Component-based Software Engineering
    4. Future-proof  Content Management Framework
    5. Open Source
    6. Technology Economies of Scale

Architecture Context

In order to support the Strategic Context, the following scope will serve to define the Information Technology Architecture context:

The Domain Name System

DNS (Domain Name System)

In order to establish an effective web-presence in the WWW (World Wide Web, or Web), careful consideration must be given to ensure that the naming convention will serve for at least 10 years:

  1. Domain Name – A gTLD (generic Top-Level Domain), but as a specific ccTLD (country code Top-level Domain) implementation, being;
  2. Second-level  Domain Name – The 2LD (2nd level Domain), is the name that appears directly below, or to the left of the ‘dot’, of the ccTLD, will serve to identify the domain as being registered by the coza Registrar (ZA Central Registry NPC), being;
  3. Third-level Domain Name – The 3LD (3rd level Domain), also called a Subdomain, is a domain that is directly below (or to the left) of the SlD, for example;

Domain Deployment Model

This will form the basis for a Network Deployment Model that will enable the creation of theoretically unlimited web points-of-presence, also commonly known as Websites, rapidly and at almost zero cost.

This model will form the basis for the web architecture that will enable:

  1. A template for rapid deployment of Subdomains,
  2. Branding & Marketing – Individualized branding and marketing, in addition to exposure via the UMCA platform,
  3. Unencumbered selection of Web Hosting Service providers that only ranks in the global top 10,
    • Content Management Solution that is the market leader in its class,
    • Critical Internet infrastructure, including (but not limited to);
      • Email
      • Backup and recovery
      • End-to-end security
      • Internal and external caching
      • Search engine optimization (SEO)
      • Image optimization
      • Best of breed WYSIWIG theme builder
      • Best of breed messaging integration
      • Marketing & newsletter Autoresponder (drip-feed)
      • Affiliate and referral marketing
      • Analytics and performance monitoring
      • Component vulnerability and integrity monitoring
      • Word-processing enhancement
      • Broken links checking
      • Domain masking
      • Maintenance automation
      • Language translation
      • Currency conversion
      • Help desk
      • Knowledge base (Wiki)
      • Document management
    • Leverage existing infrastructure when Subdomains are created, without having to duplicate installation and configuration effort;
    • Eliminate duplication of effort;
    • Simplify and optimize continuity of support, maintenance and succession planning.

Create Your SPV Launchpad

The EfC Model is replicable; it can be cloned in under 10 seconds, and within 1 week you can have your own SPV, with your own corporate branding and custom content up and running, which you can immediately start marketing. The URL of your very own SPV will look like this:


So, if you need positive change in your community, let us help you to join the structure, and in so doing we will pool resources and coordinate effort, rather than duplicating cost and effort.

Get in touch, we will get you going fast!

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